Thursday, February 24, 2011

Progress In Feeding The Poor - Thanks To You!

A few weeks back I started
group at the Free Rice site,
called "Be The Change"
I invited people to it,
and so far I'm glad to
announce that we have
16 members who have
earned 250,000 grains of rice!
That's over 1/4 MILLION grains
of nutrition for the poor and
starving of this world!

I'm ecstatic to say the least!

As far as I know, it takes approx. 400 grams of rice to feed one person enough nutrition for one day....(two meals) There are 48 grains of rice in a gram and at this rate we will have earned ONE MILLION grains of rice in 3 or 4 months, even at only 16 members, as long as we keep up the little bit every day that we are doing !

Keep up the good work!

Free Rice is a website that gives people like me the opportunity
to donate and make a difference who don't have extra cash sitting
around...all one has to do is answer fun questions about English
Vocabulary, Grammar, or may other subjects, and for each correct
answer, the advertisers at that site pay for 10 grains of rice...
for the privilege of displaying their banners.

Some groups have earned in excess of four million grains !

If you are interested in having fun a few minutes a day earning
rice to feed the poor here are some directions to join:

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

Go To:

Join and create a small profile

Look for the "Group" button and Do A Search and find
"Be The Change"

Join The group and click "play" on the right and
have some fun helping a real cause...The English Vocabulary
Game is, I think, the easiest, but there are many games
to choose from.

Read the FAQ to learn how this program works so that
you wont falter in your belief that this program is the
Real Deal! You will stop "working" unless you believe in
the results, that you are actually filling a starving,
gnawing" stomach with each click...

Don't forget to always go through the Group to start
playing if you LOG OUT, but if you just "X" out the
site, you will continue where you left off as far as totals
and group participation.

You can also go to each persons profile in the group
and click the "Follow This User" button, and "Friend Them"
...and their totals will show up on your friend list....

If you start getting a lot of wrong answers, you can click
"Re-Start" and start over in the easy beginning again....
or you can choose another Game....

Don't forget to "Duplicate yourself by spreading the word
about this....It's a Great Way to feed the starving of this
world where you can make a difference without spending money!
Stay in touch with recruits and create consistency of momentum
and build habit.....ask for a simple daily commitment after
they check their email, like 15 minutes a day....

Thank You For Taking Compassionate Action!

If you do have a small amount of cash that you feel you can donate,
then the World Food Programme and the We Feedback Program is a good
place! The we feedback plan asks you to figure lets say what your
breakfast cost this morning, and to use their calulator to figure
what that would feed for how many children you choose to feed...
For instance I had a .50 cent bowl of cereal this morning, and if
I fed 50 children the calculator figured it would cost $12.50,
so that's what I donated. It was fun, and its the worlds largest
community of people giving to end world hunger.

Then, as a registered member, I got to design a "widget" to put
on my blog and in my Facebook page, etc invite others
to do the same....Check it Out !



Stephen Stavropoulos
Group Leader
"Be The Change" @

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  1. I can't remember how long ago I started visiting Free Rice but I always keep going back. Been down with the flu since 2/17 so haven't been online much but will get back into the swing of things, I promise. Your thoughtfulness, compassion and promotion of this wonderful charity is touching. Much love to you, darlin' heart!