Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My New Cause....End World Hunger

Hey everybody! It's been a while since
I posted on my blog, but I feel as though
I have an important enough issue to
merit the time and effort to do it,
so here it is....

I belong to a Ning group on the net that
is called "Musically...One"

This group is a bunch of people from
all over the world that share their Love for one thing together..Music.

One can also create a group within that group, and one dear
friend of mine did just that and called it,..."Be The Change".
This group name is based on the saying of Ghandis...If you want
see change in the world, First Be That Change, or something
to that effect....

I joined that group, and it has been heart warming and
inspirational to read what people have said about what they do
to help others, and what they think about that subject.

One discussion question asked by the group creator "Nicole" was
"What Is Your Dream For The World Today?' My response was...
at first , well, its one thing to have a dreamy wish that sounds
good, but it probably isnt really possible to actually see it done
in real life....but after some thought I realized that my Dream
for the world would be to see hunger in the world eradicated,
completely....or at least put in check by the cooperation of those
nations that can feed themselves, and afford to help.

Since then Ive seen various videos from the World Food Programme,
and learned soooo much about world hunger, especially how it affects
children. There are ONE POINT SIX BILLION starving people on the
earth today, more then there ever was in history, and from that group
a child dies every 5 seconds or so....Youve seen all the heart wrenching
pictures, videos, and ads that try to cause an emotional response out
of you the viewer, and get a donation out of you to help...

Ive been quite impressed enough to make a few donations myself, from
my small funds; being unemployed for 9 months and disabled at home
as you know from this blog. I realize from my own suffering, that
there are no guarantees in life, and that mankind is suffering daily
in ways that far outstretch anything Ive ever known...

Untold suffering Usually Remains So....

As a matter of fact, I'm alive today because I live in a pretty good
area of the USA, and if I lived anywhere 'poorer' my chances of
survival would have been pretty slim. I was devastated by the severe
interruption of my American Dream Lifestyle....Ive spent thousands on
myself to live well, being well fed multiple times a day....warmed by my
furnace, well educated, & playing in bands with my friends since '71.

Ive had medical help for all my little aches and pains, dental help
for my toothaches, expert hospitals nearby to save my life in case
I need emergency surgery....

Ive spent much money on pot, drink, porno, and entertainment of
all kinds, movies, clubs, sports, cable, TV, cell phones and
clothing for all seasons just in case my little fingers get cold !!

No wonder I've never responded with even $10 to help the Truly
Suffering people of this world....I might need my precious needs
filled, and my flesh is hopelessly selfish and blind to the world
around me....Ive used the excuse "Oh...charities are keeping such a
large percentage of the money, that no one really sees aid anyway...."
or "Govts in those countries are so corrupt that aid never makes
it to the poor..."

Shame on me! especially in the age of the internet, where, if I really
CARED about my fellow man, I could easily do a few minutes of research
and find endless lists of charity ratings, and which ones are really
making a difference, and which ones are transparent and willing to
open their books to scrutiny!

Its so easy to whip out a credit card for a book at Amazon, and spend
$10+ dollars without a second thought, or to buy a bunch of songs for my
mp3 player that already has over 600 songs on it....

Help end child hunger 

Please fill the cup! Im on a fixed income from SSI, and I gave $30, and
if I can you can too....If you want you can give $250 or even $10 to
the Smile Train and actually get a childs cleft palate fixed..You CAN..
or if youre one of those that want to feed the starving in the US, and
there are millions, you can easily research that like I did, and for
$22 a month you can help a child get meds, schooling, and food through
Children International...

And if you don't want to donate $$$, you can play the fun and educational
synonym game at Free Rice and earn 10 grains of rice for every correct
response....Ive earned over 20,000 grains of rice by playing a bit every day and it takes about 240 grains to provide nutrition to one person per day...

Now you really don't have an excuse!

(Please know that if you click any of these linked words above, you will
not go to a separate website, but you will have to use the Back Button
to return to this blog....Let me know if you've donated by leaving a
Comment below and make my day and save the life of a child in this world....)

Feel completely awesome about yourself in rich and deep ways, especially
in this world of complaining, fighting, and struggling to survive...

Blessings Will Abound from Your Creator..Its Better To Give Than To Receive

Thanks for reading   With Love, Smilinsteve