Sunday, February 27, 2011

Encouragement For All Free Rice Players.....A Cool Video

I have started a group within FREE RICE Dot Com called
"Be The Change"  It is a group of people that have decided
to join in and play the easy quizzes there; and with each correct
answer they earn 10 grains of rice to feed the poor and starving
of the world....!

One of the most important things is to keep motivated as time
goes keep clicking through the game every day even if it
becomes tedious or boring.....since hunger knows no mercy and
never takes a break.....

The Sad Facts.....

A child dies every five seconds from starvation....thats 6 million
a year.....There are over 135 million malnourished children in this
world, and the fact is that the world produces enough food to feed
every man, woman, and child a healthy diet every day.....

For this reason I have taken it upon myself to recruit as many Free
Rice Players as I can and keep them motivated in the fight against
hunger. The video above should encourage players and people
considering joining to believe in the Free Rice Cause, and play
as much as possible.....

Joining Free Rice is free, and one can join the "Be The Change"
group I have created to feel the cameraderie in numbers.....
We have 16 members who, so far in a few weeks have earned over
a quarter million grains of rice ! I am ecstatic and my heart is touched
to say the least !

This game allows people with no money to actually donate to the poor.
It educates, its fun, and it has fed millions of people worldwide already....

Here are directions to join the group and start earning food a little bit
every day to actually feed starving fellow human beings around the world
and to you can copy and paste this to others you invite as well!

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

Directions To Join FREE RICE:

Go To:

Join and create a small profile

Look for the "Group" button and Do A Search and find "Be The Change"

Join The group and click "play" on the right and have some fun helping
a real cause...The English Vocabulary Game is, I think, the easiest, but
there are many games to choose from.

Read the FAQ to learn how this program works so that you wont falter
in your belief that this program is the Real Deal! You will stop "working"
unless you believe in the results, that you are actually filling a starving,
gnawing" stomach with each click...

Don't forget to always go through the Group to start playing if you 

LOG OUT, but if you just "X" out the site, you will continue where 
you left off as far as totals and group participation.

You can also go to each persons profile in the group and click the 

"Follow This User" button, and "Friend Them"...and their totals 
will show up on your friend list....

If you start getting a lot of wrong answers, you can click 

"Re-Start" and start over in the easy beginning again....
or you can choose another Game....

Don't forget to "Duplicate yourself by spreading the word about 

this....It's a Great Way to feed the starving of this world where 
you can make a difference without spending money! Stay in touch 
with recruits and create consistency of momentum and build habit.....
ask for a simple daily commitment after they check their email,
like 15 minutes a day....

Thank You For Taking Compassionate Action!

Stephen Stavropoulos

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  1. Thank you for reminding me. I am also in a Tibetan group and I have my own personal totals from just playing by myself. However, I do forget to go play sometimes and your reminders are just the nudging I need to keep going.

    Hope you are doing well and that your health issues are getting easier to manage.