Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Earn Free Rice To Feed The Starving !


I belong to Free Rice dot com....Its a 'free to join' group that features free EASY games to play that advertisers have said they were willing to pay to provide rice to the poor and starving of the world with each correct answer. They get to display their banners below each game and are willing to pay towards the 10 grains of rice per answer. Ive earned over 30,000 grains so far by playing a little bit every day. They say it takes about 240 grains to give one person nutrition for one day.

I've set my time management plan to include listening to my NY Times being read for an hour every day and click through the answers while I listen...but it takes about 8 mins or less to answer 24 "questions" , thus earning enough to actually feed one person for a day....and a child dies every 5 seconds from starvation....Think about it >>>>

You can play this game alone or join a group that others can join....there are many groups there, and I have started a group called "Be The Change" there...The groups name is merely a title to invite people to and create a sense of "Team Work"...many groups have earned over 4 million grains...!!!!!!

There are many games to choose from, but I play the English Vocabulary game..and the Spanish game .its just picking a synonym for each word like "simple = easy"....It proceeds through levels of difficulty and I usually make it though the 40th level of difficulty before I start getting wrong answers, but they just repeat soon after they tell you the right answer and you can learn more vocabulary, or you can click to start over easy again...

The idea is to feed the starving of the world... this is where the rubber meets the road...this is where its better to take action than to just talk about it....I like knowing that Ive earned enough grains to feed a lot of people, and it was fun actually....Lets all join this free site, and make it a small part of our day right after we check our email...I KNOW we do that every day,

Directions For Joining The group "Be The Change" at Free Rice:

(Copy & Paste This To Invite others!)

* Go To:

* Join For Free and create a small profile

* Look for the "Group" button and Do A Search 

and find "Be The Change"

* Join The group and click "play" on the right and have 

some fun helping a real cause...The English Vocabulary Game is, 
I think, the easiest, but there are many games to choose from.

* Read the FAQ to learn how this program works so that you 

wont falter in your belief that this program is the Real Deal! 
You will stop "working" unless you believe in the results, 
that you are actually filling a starving, gnawing" stomach 
with each click...

* Don't forget to always go through the Group to start 

playing if you LOG OUT, but if you just "X" out the site, 
you will continue where you left off as far as totals
and group participation.

* You can also go to each persons profile in the group and 

click the "Follow This User" button, and "Friend Them"
 ..and their totals will show up on your friend list....

* If you start getting a lot of wrong answers, you can click 

"Re-Start" and start over in the easy beginning again....
or you can choose another Game....There are Sixty Levels of 
Difficulty in the Vocabulary Game...See how far you can get!

* Don't forget to "Duplicate yourself by spreading the word 

about this....It's a Great Way to feed the starving of this world 
where you can make a difference without spending money! 
Stay in touch with recruits and create consistency of momentum
and build habit.....ask for a simple daily commitment after they 

check their email, like 15 minutes a day....

Thank You For Taking Compassionate Action!


with Love 


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  1. This is a great idea and I thank you for sharing this with us. I didn't know about it until you blogged about the site so it does help to get the word out!