Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sun 'Can And Does' Come From Behind The Clouds !

OK! So I have an appointment with my surgeons nurse an hour away in Springfield at 9 AM! I've arranged a ride from the FRTA and they send me a service that picks me up in a new looking Oldsmobile CTS...Lemme tell ya, it was some snazzy smooth ride ! 

I was going to hear about whether or not I was going to have surgery soon in style! We got there in good shape and I met with Mary the nurse (who I like very much) and she took my blood pressure, it was really good...even a bit low compared to what I'd been getting for results recently.

 She said my vitals looked good, and that I was doing well...I asked her about the "new" aneurysm that they found in  the last CAT Scan, and she said it was too small to operate on, and to continue to watch my blood pressure.....

I was feeling kinda lucky, so I asked her if I could go back
to rehab....She said Yes, that following I was 
feeling even more lucky and asked her if since I could work 
my heart rate up in rehab, could I become sexual again....?

She said yes ! As long as i didn't overdo it....she said it was 
part of a healthy lifestyle, and I pressed her again asking...
...."even with the aneurysm?" She said yes! I was really 
happy that I could resume being sexual again! 

I was worried that I might not be able to since I had to 
watch my blood pressure...I was really happy, it felt like a 
burden was lifted off of me, and I had a new "sprite" in my 

After 6 months of being at home thinking or fearing the 
worst, not really going anywhere, visiting or even driving to 
the corner store, I was starting to see some light at the end 
of the tunnel...

I remembered the TV show "Breakthrough" from Tony Robbins.
The first show was about a couple on their wedding day, and 
how they were at their reception at night, and some were
swimming in the pool just outside, including the wife...

The husband decided to join them and jump in, and he hit his 
head in too shallow an area in the pool, damaged his vertebrae, 
and was instantly to be paralyzed....a full quadriplegic, from the 
first day of his marriage to his last day on earth, he was to be
completely dependent for everything from his new wife.....
without any hope in sight of repair!

Talk about devastating! Talk about a reason to despair! 

They accepted life as staying indoors and going through the same 
rituals of getting up, being dressed, taking meds, and not doing 
anything that any young newly married couple would want to do.
The wife was living a life as a caretaker, not dong anything for herself, 
and simply lifting the burden of the obligation that Love put on her 
from day 1!

When they went to see Tony on the island of Fiji, he told them that 

their desire to see this thing through was going to require commitment
on their part, and were they committed? Though they were nervous
about what was coming, they committed...Then Tony told them that 
he had arranged for him to go up in a plane with trained personnel, 
and that he was going to jump out of the plane strapped to another 
person, and they were going to "skydive" that very next day!

Talk about blowing false perceptions out of the water! 

The following day they did just that...the wife was taken to a resort spa, 
where she was pampered and played golf, and did for herself, while her 
husband was catapulted from a small plane to land on the earth one 
changed man!

To think that life had no more opportunities for him was no longer 
a way of thinking, it just had to be done from another vantage point....
all the time he spent wallowing in the dead end perception of life was 
slowly killing him emotionally, and spiritually, and tearing down their 
marriage before too long...and now he had no excuse! 

Now what was possible was what was in his mind!

Next Tony had him join a basketball team in wheelchairs, and meet 
others who had learned to see beyond their expectations, and he 
began training to ready for the Championship Game!

On game day, not only did he play, but Tony had his wife and 
relatives and friends come and watch him play, because they too 
had to see him in a totally new light, and they were amazed to 
say the least! There was their paralyzed son and friend playing 
along with the others and meeting new challenges "head on" !

I highly recommend you go see this heartwarming and miraculous
story if its still available at HULU

Just search for Tony Robbins show called "Breakthrough", the first 

As for me, getting back into playing music was an amazing step
forward from thinking that I would never play again.....The trembling 
hands I had were so strong that I could hardly use a spoon to eat
and get food to my mouth....and now I was jammin' in the band I 
enjoy so much, and using the computer at home among other things

I couldn't get over how I had to learn to play the guitar or bass 
as though I hadn't played in years, or type at the keyboard, and my 
bass seemed like it had doubled in weight, but it wasn't too long and 
I was playing all the old tunes again....What a thrill to make live music
with others ! I still can't carry my amp down the stairs and get it into 
my car, but i just have one of the band members come and help me...

When There's A Will, There's A Way!      Querer Es Poder!

I'm still struggling learning to make it through every layer of challenges
that life has put in front of me...but who am I to feel really badly for myself?
I know that there are many others who have it a lot harder than I do, 
and that the only limitations I have are in my mind only ! 

Thanks so much for reading this far...I really hope that you will share
your insight and stories as well in the Comments area below, or email me

Smilinsteve   Wed, Nov 24

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