Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Has A Board for Every Behind, or the Lessons Are Always Available If You're Open

I've been known to say upon waking 

to my friend, "OK, so today I can stay 
home, or I can stay home, so I guess 
I'll...Stay Home ! I've come to realize 
that I have no choices in the matter...
this happened to me, and I'm stuck in 
it's reality, and there's not one thing 
I can do about it....I've also said that 
my house is just like a jail....maybe with 
more ammenities, but it's still a jail....
I can't leave at will, I have to wait 
for the only car to get back home, and 
I can't even work hard at home doing all the projects around the 
house that desperately need doing...

One thing I do is spend time online at a site called The internet is more interactive, and had many 
more choices than daytime television, THAT'S for sure!
Blip is a godsend for me in that I build a playlist of songs
and share them with friends worldwide with a Twitter 
size message along with it....It's great fun and almost 
addictive but it's kept me company and kept my mind
occupied these seven months or so since May 7th.

Ive complained about and shared my past medical history
with my friends at Blip....they have been more than 
supportive and even loving to me, Thank God I've had them
these past few months ! I probably have kvetched about my 
pains more than I should, and even complained about how 
much I wanted to develop the same friendships and success
that I saw others had there...I have over 200 listeners to my 
playlist, but some have tens of thousands, and a seeming endless
charisma and even flirting with each other...I was feeling lonely
and bored with life, and wanted more....

One of my friends at Blip named Ellen Diane recommended a 
site to me called Tiny Buddha. It is a wonderful, thought provoking, 
and life enhancing site, and I would recommend it to anybody for 
it's brevity and usefulness in the harried life we all live....

At the very first though, I was almost angered or offended....
I didn't want to be told things like "If you look for Love, it will flee
from you, but if you go about your business and be yourself 
Love will come to you on its own...."

It struck at my self pity and impatience! I wanted to be successful
and have tons of fun daily at Blip and that was all there was to it...
I'd suffered a lot, and I wanted sympathy and attention...(I guess!)

But after reading further, the Wisdom and Healing Power of all of its 
wonderful sayings rang in my heart as Truth, and I soon saw that
my friend had given me a wonderful gift, and I succumbed to it's 
loving helps from all it's wonderful authors including it's founder
Lori Deschene.

The post that struck me at my core was : 

5 Ways To Masterfully Navigate Life Challenges
by Alison Miller 

Alison Miller can be found here at

I couldn't believe how timely and helpful this article was! Just like 
the Breakthrough episode by Tony Robbins it had a wonderful lesson
from another fellow human being concerning her fall from a great hight, 
her paralysis, her despair and the lessons that came to her from life
that made her stronger, gave her wisdom, and healed her heart from 
what would have been a lifetime of depression and hopelessness.

PLEASE take the time to read this amazing account of one persons 
journey from despair to great insight. I realize that most people 
including myself fail to remain as positive as we could facing even far
less challenging problems in life. How much more rewarding life would 
be for all of us if we took the time to embrace the lessons that life
arranged for each and every one of us !

I have also come to realize that there is an "inertia" problem.....yeah, 
I read the post, and marvelled at it's profound truth, let it wash over me, 
and I saw I could continue to go along letting my 'flesh" keep me in its 
lazy 'problem loving' grip.....never to leave living in reaction rather than
surmounting my own particular challenges with PROACTION...Planning 
and carrying out my lifes Deepest Dreams.....

I could practice my bass and guitar daily, I could write this blog and 
even publish books, I could improve my drawing with pastels, and 
learn more about myself and embrace what success looks like for me ! ! !

I would be a lot happier, wouldn't I?

Thanks so much for reading this far....This blog is cathartic for me, 
and hopefully might affect a friend or two reading this with me...

Thanks again so much!


Nov 27, 2010


  1. Steve, What a wonderful realization, I am so happy that you have found your ground. I love you!

  2. I love blip too and am glad to have met you there. Buddhist insights are the greatest and if you don't learn your lesson the first time the universe can arrange for you to learn again and again ;~)

  3. To Lonnie: Im grateful that you like my blog and my realization...Im hoping that this blog will benefit and share with others that have suffered as well...Love you too! :)

    To Liberality: I am very glad to have met you Ms. Liberality! And yes, lessons brought over & over again I know that for a fact!