Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do I Have To Go To Cardiac Rehab?......Yes, Yes, YES !

Since Ive been home these 7 months 
Ive been dealing with being so shortwinded, 
it's the #1 "ailment" that I struggle with
besides the actual "tightness" and pain 
of the second incision (around the ribs on 
my left side)....I'm really out of condition...

To that end Ive been set up in cardiac 
rehab 3 times a week, every Mon, Wed, 
and Friday....I get a cab ride paid for by my 
insurance. When I first arrived there, 
again, I wept for the fact that I was 
among disabled people having to exercise because we all almost died at one point in the recent past...

I fill out a slip about my meds and weight, and start class with
tabs stuck to my chest that hook up with wires to a transmitter
that sends a signal to the nurse about my "vitals" while I'm exercising..

Then we all stretch, and I use a set of 3 lb. dumbells to start building 
back up some muscle....I haven't progressed much on the weight
since the rotator cuffs in both my shoulders hurt too much....

After that short initial stretching, we all use a treadmill, and a stationary
rowing machine, and a recumbent cycle machine for a minimum of 
ten minutes each.....I'm at the beginning using the lightest settings as 
far as resistance and time...

I really have a love and appreciation for the two rehab nurses who 
run the class, Cheryl and Pat....They tirelessly take all of our blood 
pressures 3 times a visit, before, during and after the exercises, and 
check on our exertion and keep us motivated and cheerful...

This is the rehab class I had the TIA (small warning stroke) 
and if it wasn't for the attentiveness of Cheryl who knows what 
would've happened! Luckily, I was on the same floor in rehab as 
the ER, and I was taken care of promptly.

Ive been told that I should figure Id be going there till at least 
the middle of January....I am progressively getting my "wind" 
back, and feeling better every day....It's great! I realize that it 
takes consistency to really reap the benefits of exercising, and 
getting in condition again.

When I go home, I use my computer, and have started a  
portrait drawing class online, since I am now able to do the 
things that I couldn't very easily when I was painting houses 
every day.....like practice my bass and guitar

I still play in a band, and have even gigged a few times since 
my heart events. Thank God I am still ALIVE and able to live 
life daily to its fullest...to still pursue what I love to do in life, 
and I still am living to love and be loved....

Thanks so much for reading


Dec 7, 2010

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  1. Wow, looks like you are making the best of it and using your time creatively to boot :)